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  • 27Ω 5 Watt Axial Resistor Used on Williams pinball driver board.

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  • 2N5060 30v .8A SCR Used on Bally lamp driver board Baby Pac TO-92 Package

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  • 2N5061 Silicon Controlled Rectifier .8A, 60V TO-92 Package Sold in pack of 5 pcs.

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  • 3579.545 Crystal. OEM part used on several Williams and Gottlieb pinball MPU boards.  

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  • 6116 NVram Module. The 6116 module replaces 8k x 8  6116 RAM chips used on many Bally, Data East, Williams pinballs to eliminate the need for batteries to retain data. Simply remove the original ram, install the module and remove the batteries. Soldering may be necessary on some boards.These may not function correctly on all boards. They have only been...

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  • GM76C28A 2K X 8 Low Power CMOS SRAM24 Pin DIP PackageUsed on a large number of different arcade pcbs.MFG May vary based on availability

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  • 6264 Ram 8K x 8 Static Ram 28 Pin .6" DIP Package

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  • MH46810P / MC6810P128 X 8 Biderectional Static Ram24 Pin DIP Package

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  • 74HCT9114 Nine wide Schmitt trigger buffer, open drain outputs, inverting Common failure point on the Rottendog 326 MPU board. Be sure to buy a spare or two to have on hand. Very hard to find obsolete IC.

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  • Bally -32 Pinball Sound Board Bally Part Number AS-2518-32 Used on many classic Bally machines. Refurbished with new caps, headers, sockets and pots. Fully working.

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  • Bally / Midway Reset pushbutton Direct replacment for reset pushbuttons used on many Bally/Midway boards including Pacman, Ms Pacman, Galaxian, Bally pinball, Williams system 3-6 mpu, etc.

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  • Bally Shooter Lane Arch Support Bracket Die stamped from polished stainless steel. Made to exact tolerances, direct fit for many classic Bally machines from the 70's and 80's.

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